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'In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.' - Sir Francis Bacon


What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is when a Client meets with a trained Therapist  and talks openly and confidentially about any life challenge, problem, issue or concern they have. Therapy can help a Client identify clearly what is causing them stress and also learn coping skills and new behaviors to improve their lives. Therapy can also help a Client heal from  hurts and traumas.

What is Spiritual Psychotherapy?

This is a more Holistic approach to Psychotherapy where traditional methods of Psychotherapy are used in conjunction with looking at the 'whole Client' - mind, body and soul or the Client's emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual parts. I offer both Psychotherapy services and Spiritual Psychotherapy services, the choice of what they want is my Clients.

Why do I need Psychotherapy?

Life can be challenging for all of us at times. There are things that happen to us that can be hard to navigate on our own. Gaining perspective on our own lives and emotional patterns can also be hard to achieve.  Having a trained Therapist to talk to can help us to figure out some of life's challenges in a confidential and safe environment. One where you are fully supported, seen and heard.

What provides the best chance of success?

Therapy requires the Client to be committed to do the work to see the desired changes. This can mean showing up for scheduled appointments, talking to the best of their ability at a given session about challenging things they need help with in their life. It also may require homework in between appointments. For optimal results the Client and Therapist build a one on one working relationship where trust is present. This can take time.  Clients should have a Therapist they feel comfortable with, one they trust and they feel works with their personality.


Have a phone call first with potential Therapists, ask questions, get a feel for the Therapist - these are your sessions!


How often do I need to go for therapy?

This varies by Client and also what is happening currently in a Client's life that brings them to therapy.  For some Clients a one hour weekly session makes the most sense, for others bi-weekly. A minimum of a week between sessions is suggested as this gives the Client time to integrate what has happened at the session.


The initial session with the Therapist and Client is an 'intake session' where the Therapist learns about the Client, who they are, why they are seeking therapy at this time in their life and their goals for Therapy.  Out of this session the Therapist and Client arrange the next session and when it will happen.  The Therapist can offer suggestions as to how often they should meet but ultimately it is the Client's call - these are their sessions!


How long is an individual therapy session?

Typical sessions are 60 minutes. The last 5-10 minutes are used to wrap up the session (payments to be made, receipt provided and schedule future appointment if required).


How much does a therapy session cost?

A one hour therapy session costs $140 (including HST)

Are Psychotherapy services covered under my Employee Health Benefits plan from work?

Some work benefit plans cover Psychotherapy services.  Check with your insurance carrier to see if there is coverage in your plan for you to see a Registered Psychotherapist.

What happens if I cancel a scheduled appointment?

Life happens and sometimes you may need to change or cancel an appointment. I understand.  I do require a minimum of 24 hours' notice for any changes or cancellations or the full session fee will be charged.

What happens if I am late for an appointment?

If you are running late for an appointment when possible let me know you are on your way.  My Cell number is 416.526.9903 or my email is  When you arrive we can complete the session for the remainder of the time frame initially booked. For example, you have an appointment from 2 - 3 booked but arrive at 2:10, our session will still end at 3:00.


I do have other Clients and I have a responsibility to keep myself on time for their sessions. 


Do sessions have to be in person?

Sessions can be in person or via confidential online video sessions. PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid I am working exclusively online and with phone sessions as of March 2020.  I will update the site when I return to office sessions.

Where is Solas Mental Services located?

I work out of an office at Carrot Common on Tuesday and Thursday's (Chester TTC stop) in the east end of Toronto on the Bloor/Danforth subway line. I also offer e-therapy on Wednesdays.  PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid I am working exclusively online and with phone sessions as of March 2020.  I will update the site when I return to office sessions.

When can I see you?

I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with appointments available between 12:00 - 7:00 (last appointment is at 6:00pm).   

Heart Centered Therapy - One Client At A Time

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